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Two more fabulous adventures from the dark heart of AfricaThese are the third, fourth and fifth adventures featuring H. Rider Haggard's famous character—Allan Quatermain. Quatermain is the ultimate white man in Africa—the Great White Hunter, adventurer and guide. These are stories brim full of action, romance, big game hunting, hairsbreadth escapes from dangerous animals and the fierce peoples of the Dark Continent, fantastical landscapes and strange hidden cultures—with lost cities from a time when vast expanses of this mysterious land remained untrodden by the feet of Western man and it seemed that anything was yet possible. In this second volume of the complete Quatermain novels and short stories—available from Leonaur in hard and soft cover—are the lesser known ‘Allan’s Wife,’ ‘Maiwa’s Revenge’ & ‘Marie.’ These books will be a joy for all collectors who will relish the opportunity to own all the adventures in a coordinated collection.

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